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Medical Foam Swabstick(iCleanhcy-90001-7  )

Medical Foam Swabstick(iCleanhcy-90001-7 )

Product number:iCleanhcy-90001-7
Tag: foam swab sponge swab medical swab sample swab oral swab
Foam Swabstick
CY-90001-7  Foam Swabstick

swab tip width:9.05mm
swab tip thickness:6.5mm
swab tip length:24.61mm

handle dimension width:2.44mm
handle dimension thickness:2.44mm
handle dimension length:127.99mm
overall length:152.6mm

CleanFoam Swab Series is constructed from the highest quality 100 ppi polyurethane foam.
Complete thermal bond construction eliminates adhesive contamination.
Cleanroom processed, providing low levels of non volatile residues (NVRs) and ions, and
made to exacting and consistent tolerances using high-precision automated processes. Lot
coded for traceability and quality control.

Features & Benefits
 -Good chemical compatibility with a variety of solutions
-Readily absorbs solvents and solutions and grabs particulates
 -100% virgin polypropylene handle ensures no additional contaminants are introduced while offering excellent chemical resistance
 -Autoclavable in dry heat and steam
Sterile swabs available upon request. 
Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives and other solutions in a critical clean environment
 -Scrubbing recessed areas
- Removal of excess materials, debris
- Cleaning intersecting surfaces and joints
 -Cleaning with compatible solutions and solvents
- Picking up fine powders
 -Appropriate for use with temperatures    less than 350°F

-Medical Device