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Graceful Ms King visit Huahchenyang

Our Korean graceful client Ms King visited our company & GMP factory. After demonstration of our state of art dna collection device-Saliva collection kit, Ms King liked it very much and ordered 10,000 sets of Saliva collection kit in the site

DNA Paternity Testing Procedures: Buccal Swab Test Versus DNA Hair Testing

DNA testing has many applications across a broad array of disciplines and industries. DNA profiling is used to establish the identity of individuals largely for forensic purposes and for use in law enforcement services. Personal identification and kinship analysis as well a

The Latest On Effective Saliva Collection Kit Advice

ABOUT Huachenyang Huachenyang leads the industry in supporting thousands of salivary bioscience researchers around the world with the most accurate, highest-quality, salivary assays, saliva collection devices, and saliva testing services. Dedicated to the field of salivary

Straightforward Programs In flocked swab – An Introduction

Huachenyang flocked swab: Unlike traditional fiber swab, it does not use a cushioned core, and it does not disperse and lock precious samples. In contrast to the traditional swab, the swab designed by iCleanwabs will float on the surface of the swab, thus completing rapid a

The Options For Core Aspects Of dna cheek swab

How to select high quality DNA Cheek Swab? The choice of suppliers? Product management issues? Brand reputation? Commodity categories and reach problems? Cost control? Promotion strategy? 1:Founded in 2008, Huachenyang specializes in a variety of sw

Introduction of how to use gene detection sampling box

Introduction of how to use gene detection sampling box Step 1: After opening the packaging bag of the gene detection sampling box, remove one of the sealed sampling swabs and find the tear opening (the crown side of the sample, the paper prominent part) and tear it down.


Quality of Huachenyang DNA Sampling Suite Supplier's DNA Sampling Suit Huachenyang DNA Sampling Suite Supplier DNA Sampling Suit Quality Gene Sampling Suit is often used for self-help sampling of gene testing, forensic identification and other genetic testing. The suit

Skills and characteristics of DNA flocking swab

First, what is flocking swab? The top of the flocking swab is nylon fiber structure. The nylon fibers are deposited on the surface of the plastic rod in a certain direction by electrostatic field in order to form a brush layer, which is fully parallel to each other and p

Revealing the characteristics of flocking swabs

Everyone knows that when we go to the hospital for examination, the medical staff will use some medical aids to help us collect samples. The flocking swab is one of the common medical tools. Now let's get some information about the flocking swab. Flocking swabs are mostly u

Characteristics and advantages of sampling swabs

Characteristics and advantages of sampling swabs Sampling swab, also known as cervical sampling test, flocking cotton swab, is made up of nylon staple fibers and medical grade ABS plastic rods. The function of nylon staple fibers is like a soft brush, which can effective

The difference between polyester fibers and medical fibers

The difference between polyester fibers and medical fibers Polyester fibers are also known as polyester fibers, which are synthesized by polycondensation of organic dicarboxylic acid and diol through spinning. They are called PET fibers for short. They belong to macromol