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Cleanroom Polyester swab

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Cleanroom Polyester swab

The Huachenyang CleanroomSwab has an adhesive silicone sharp head with a high viscosity which will allow

you to effectively remove dust from small slotted and grooved areas. It is usually used to clean the watch parts,

specular microscope, the sensor of the camera, hard disk driver and precision instruments. Using the Huachenyang.

Gel Sticky Swab is a very efficient and secure way to clean sensitive devices. It doesn’t leave any traces or marks

at all:It is widely used in LCD industry,Electronics,Semi-conductors,PCB,LCD ,SMT , Computer and Wtach etc.


. Compact and flexible, easy to operate

. Head is soft, does not damage the device

. Head and rod firmly bonded

. High Sensitive rubber tip

. Keep your screen free from scratches and fingerprints

. Bluehead, clear vision, which will help control

. Take action to warn


. Low nonvolatile residue

. Low particle generation

. Good absorbency and excellent solvent hold

. No contaminating adhesives

. ESD control without contaminating carbon or metal loading

. No blooming ionic antistats

. No contaminating coatings

. Humidity-independent ESD control for consistent performance

. Safely dissipates charges in under two seconds when used with a solvent such as IPA


. Cleaning the watch parts

. Cleaning the specular microscope

. Cleaning the sensor of the camera

. Cleaning the hard disk driver

. Cleaning precision instruments

. Cleaning small areas

. Removing excess materials


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