DNA Test Swab Kit

DNA Test Swab Kit

Saliva DNA Sample Collection Kit

Saliva DNA Sample Collection Kit

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Product description:Saliva DNA Sample Collection Kit
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Product Description

Saliva DNA Sample Collection Kit

Collection kits for research

Collect superior samples for your genetic research

All genetic research starts with the collection of nucleic acids.

Saliva DNA Sample Collection Kit saliva-based collection kits are ideal for any research application that analyzes DNA or RNA. 

Their products provide researchers an all-in-one system for reliable, non-invasive collection, stabilization and transportation of high-quality DNA or RNA.

2ml saliva collection kits for maximum DNA yield

iClean®-DISCOVER can be easily taken the high quality of the DNA from saliva. It is only to collect the saliva, can be taken safely and easily DNA.

 It also can collect and storage saliva (DNA) samples at room temperature for the long term. Also, it can be purified the DNA by using the Oragene purified solution.

This kit is suitable for clinical genetic research, inspection, incurable disease, not only the genetic patient to members of the researchers involved in the study cohort, 

including the relatives. We recommend people who are not satisfied with the amount of DNA from cells in the mouth and nails by the swab and hair roots and have 

difficulties to obtain the agreement of the blood provides for DNA recovery to use this kits. It has been used for consulting services such as gene analysis because it can be safely used by all ages. 

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