DNA Test Swab Kit

DNA Test Swab Kit

DNA Test Kit CY-98000FSP1

DNA Test Kit CY-98000FSP1

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Product Description

DNA Test Kit CY-98000FSP1

The DNA sampling package consists of two disposable sampling swabs, two cryotubes containing 

cell preservation solution, a bubble sample return bag and a unique barcode.

It is used for the collection of human oral mucosal exfoliated cells and the short-term (not more than 2 weeks) 

stable preservation of somatic DNA.

1. This method is suitable for collecting oral cell samples from people of any age.

2, please do not eat, 30 minutes before sampling, do not smoke, do not drink, etc., so as not to contaminate the

 collected samples.

3. The liquid in the sampling tube should not be in contact with the oral cavity. Do not use the sampling swab to

 take the liquid in the sampling tube and sample it. If the 

sampling swab is accidentally taken into the liquid in the sampling tube, it can no longer be used. Please use the 

new sampling swab. Sampling;

4, sampling the swab head in addition to the oral please do not touch other objects to avoid contamination.

Validity: 3 years

Storage: normal temperature

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