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Foam Swab

Buccal Foam Tip Swab Applicator CY-98000R

Buccal Foam Tip Swab Applicator CY-98000R

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Buccal Foam Tip Swab Applicator CY-98000R

Sponge sampling swabs are new products in domestic medical sampling consumables. The open-hole sponge sampling swab is composed of a handle,

 a connecting rod and a sampling head. The handle is long and the handle is long, and the handle can be adjusted before and after, which is suitable 

for various people. The connecting rod has a long and soft connecting rod to effectively protect the sampled tissue from damage. The sampling head

 consists of nylon fluff and viscose, which is harmless to microorganisms and can maximize the amount of sample collected and released. 

Nylon flocking swabs and supporting collection tubes and transport tubes form a sample collection system. ——

Huachen Yang Technology This is a sampling tool for collecting human DNA information. Also called sampling cotton swabs, 

the meaning of the dice is that the sampling swab is composed of medical polyurethane and medical grade ABS plastic rod. 

Polyurethane acts like a soft brush to improve the collection of cellular material; the capillary movement between the fibers creates a strong 

hydraulic pressure, which ingests the liquid sample; while the sample is placed against the surface of the swab and is easily eluted.

Step 1: Gently insert the sampling swab into the mouth or nose with the handle.

Step 2: Gently rotate the sampling swab 3-5 turns and slowly remove it.

Step 3: Put the extracted sample into the sample collection tube, break the handle, and then seal it to complete the sampling.

Traditional entangled fiber swabs create a matrix-like environment that is difficult to release.

CHENYANGLOBAL GROUP's newly developed sampling swab sponge sampling head has soft flocking hair, and the absorption and release force is greater than that of the traditional sampling swab, which does not cause the patient's epithelial damage.

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