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Characteristics of flocking swabs

Wednesday 08 August 2018 14:22:55 GMT  Click:

Characteristics of flocking swabs

Product characteristics:

DNA acquisition flocking swab is made of nylon fiber flocking technology. The front end is coated with 

nylon short fibers fixed vertically, which makes the whole acquisition swab area without absorption holes, 

and DNA cells will not disperse in the remaining fibers, which is conducive to faster and higher elution.

1. The material without inhibiting DNA amplification can be directly amplified by PCR without extracting steps.

2. Strict technological conditions, free of DNA enzymes, RNA enzymes and capturable human DNA.

3. It has superior collection performance for micro-samples such as sweat, semen, blood stain, dandruff and oral cells.

4. It can adsorb trace samples quickly and has high release efficiency.

5. The front segment is sharp and suitable for the extraction of cells in the nail suture of the victim or 

suspect at the crime scene.

6. The back end of the swab can be broken and designed, which is conducive to the automatic extraction 

workstation for sample extraction.

7. The whole swab is packed in transparent plastic pipe to avoid biological pollution.

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