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DNA Blood Sample Collection Card

Wednesday 08 August 2018 14:22:55 GMT  Click:

Product Profile

(1) Functional characteristics:

DNA oral cell acquisition card (standard indicator type) is processed by special technology. When oral cell samples come into contact with the acquisition card, the acquisition area gradually changes from red to white, and the discoloration indicator is sensitive. It can quickly determine the location of oral cell acquisition for easy detection and re-examination. The card does not contain any chemical additives and other inhibitors that affect the amplification of PCR. It can be directly used for direct amplification of PCR without washing and purification. The success rate of direct amplification of PCR is very high. Under suitable conditions such as dry and cool conditions, DNA samples of oral cells in the card remained stable and could be stored at room temperature for more than 15 years.

(2) Main uses:

It is suitable for the collection, preservation and inspection of DNA oral samples of suspects, victims, parties and on-site.

(3) Technical parameters:

1) Thickness of filter paper: 0.05 cm + 0.01 cm

2) Ash content of filter paper: 0.1%+0.001%

3) Assembling environment: clean workshop, 100,000 grade, relative humidity 30% - 50%.

4) Total number of colony: According to GB/T 14233.2-93 "Medical Infusion, Blood Transfusion, Injection Instrument Testing Method Part II: Biological Experimental Method" qualified.

5) Effective use area: double ring. Each single ring (> 1.2cm x 1.2cm)

6) Antiseptic and bactericidal effect: After treated with nano-silver solution, it has antimicrobial, antiseptic and bactericidal effects, which can effectively ensure the stability of DNA samples in the storage process.

7) DNA samples can be stored at room temperature for a long time without refrigeration, which greatly reduces the cost of DNA preservation.

8) A sample can be used for multiple target DNA detection, and it can be used many times to facilitate review and re-examination.

9) No human pollution.

Each set of products includes: a dental cell collection card, a special bag for DNA database, and a collection test.

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