TOC Clean Validation

TOC Clean Validation

TOC Cleaning Validation Kit CY3342

TOC Cleaning Validation Kit CY3342

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Product description:
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Product Description

TOC Cleaning Validation Kit CY3342

Product Description

Available Quantity Option: Case

Case Unit: 1 Kit of 72 Vials with 72 Blank Labels and 144 (CY-714K) Swabs

CY-714K Bulk TOC Cleaning Validation Kit for 72 Samples

This TOC Kit Includes CY-714K Swabs

Huachenyang is a worldwide leader in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products including lint-free 

cleanroom wipers, cleanroom swabs, medical swabs, DNA test kit, cleanroom stationery, sterile products, adhesive mats and more.

Huachenyang CY-714K TOC Cleaning Validation Kits were designed to simplify sampling as part of a cleaning validation protocol.

 The swabs and vials are further cleaned using a proprietary process to make these kits excellent for use in Total Organic Carbon 

(TOC) analysis. Lot coded for traceability and quality control.

Huachenyang CY-3342 Kit:

- Organized, convenient and secure method for transporting swabs and vials from storage area to sampling sites to laboratory with minimal chance of contamination.

Huachenyang CY-3342 Kit Swabs:

- Certified Low TOC level (<50 μg/L, <50 ppb) ensures consistency in swab background contribution

- Double layered, double knit polyester head entraps contaminants in the knit structure during sampling. This allows maximum contaminant collection 

and release into the diluent to provide for excellent recovery rates.

- Notched, the break-away handle allows the head to be placed into the vial with minimal handling and contamination.

- 100% polypropylene handle ensures no additional contaminants are introduced and provides excellent chemical resistance.

Huachenyang CY-3342 Kit Vials:

- Certified Low TOC level (<10 μg/L, <10 ppb) ensures consistency in vial background contribution

- Prewashed vials have a one-piece cap and septa design for easy sampling and analysis.

- Polyethylene overcap protects the septum surface from contamination until time of analysis.

- Sloped shoulder design minimizes headspace for reduced background TOC level.

- Endorsed for use by TOC instrumentation manufacturers.

Huachenyang CY-3342 Kit Labels:

- Cleanroom compatible with vial sample identification and traceability

Huachenyang CY-3342 Kit2 Container/Box:

- Double bagged and packed in a cleanroom compatible polypropylene box.

Huachenyang CY-3342 Kit Applications:

- Surface sampling for use in: TOC analysis as part of a cleaning validation protocol and as part of other cleaning validation protocols.

- Non-organic liquids sampling for contamination source investigations. 

Cleaning Validation Swab Sampling Procedure: Click Here

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