Customize your flocked swabs as needed

Customize your flocked swabs as needed

huachenyang(Shenzhen ) Technology Co., Ltd. is a global market-oriented high-tech enterprises, factory production flocking swab, throat swab, nasal swab, oral swab, sponge swab, virus sampling tube, transport medium, sample preservation solution, and nucleic acid extraction kit,The factory has ISO13485 quality management system, CE, FDA and other qualifications. The products are mainly exported and widely used in laboratories, research institutes, pathology departments, hospitals and third-party medical laboratories

Customized flocked swab products: materials can be customized, head size can be customized, mold opening can be customized, color can be customized, packaging can be customized, text description can be customized,

Welcome to consult our factory. We will serve you wholeheartedly, provide high quality products and services, and make users really satisfied.


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Post time: Jun-01-2021