Disposable virus sampling tube released, convenient and safe to use

In 2017, Huachenyang released a new product: a single-use virus sampling tube.
The release and use of new products can better help medical staff to collect viruses and monitor samples. It is widely used, useful, and more convenient and safe to use.
Virus sampling tube is a complete set of sampling and transportation centrifuge tube for influenza virus, hand-foot-mouth virus and other viruses in the microbial sampling transportation tube. Also known as the specimen transportation tube, it has now become a commercial product. Moreover, the single-use virus sampling tube is disinfected and sterilized, and it is also very convenient for one-time use, without pollution problems.
The single-use virus sampling tube has a wide range of uses.
1. Used for monitoring and sampling of infectious pathogenic microorganisms by disease control departments and clinical departments. It is suitable for sampling of influenza virus (common influenza, highly pathogenic avian influenza, H1N1 influenza virus, etc.), hand, foot and mouth virus and other types of viruses. It is also used for sampling of Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, etc.
2. Used to transport nasopharyngeal swab specimens or tissue specimens of specific parts from the sampling site to the testing laboratory for PCR extraction and testing.
3. It is used to preserve nasopharyngeal swab samples or tissue specimens of specific parts for necessary cell culture.

Disposable virus sampling tube released
Not only is it versatile, but also the disposable virus sampling tube has product advantages. From the appearance point of view, plant fluff is used. The fluff is white and soft, suitable for different people. At the same time, it adopts easy-to-break design, which is very convenient in use. The plastic rod has an easy-to-break design to facilitate specimen transportation. The most important thing is to use disposable aseptic packaging, radiation sterilization, and independent packaging.
The release of this one-time use virus sampling tube is to better help medical staff collect viruses and monitor samples. We, Qiaohua Medical, always insist on the production of high-quality medical supplies, and hope to provide powerful help to more people.

Virus sampling tube

Post time: Jan-23-2021