Medical equipment exhibition MEDICA2021 in Dusseldorf Germany

Medical equipment exhibition MEDICA2021 in Dusseldorf, Germany

Medical equipment exhibition MEDICA in Dusseldorf, Germany
Exhibition time: November 15th ~ November 18th, 2021 Opening hours: 09:00-18:00

Exhibition industry: medical supplies

Organizer: Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

Address: Germany-Dusseldorf-ostfach 10 10 06, D-40001 Dusseldorf Stockum Church Street 61, D-40474, Dusseldorf, Germany- D-40001-Dusseldorf Exhibition and Convention Center

Duration: once a year Exhibition area: 108,000 square meters Number of exhibitors: 4641 Number of visitors: 132,000

Exhibition introduction heat: 21544
The 2021 Medical Equipment Exhibition MEDICA in Dusseldorf, Germany is held by Messe Düsseldorf, a German exhibition company in Dusseldorf. Erdorf Exhibition Center, the exhibition area is expected to reach 108,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors will reach 132,000, and the number of exhibitors and participating brands will reach 4,641.

The International Medical Equipment and Equipment Exhibition (MEDICAL) in Dusseldorf, Germany, is recognized as the largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition in the world, ranking first in the world medical trade show with its irreplaceable scale and influence. Every year, there are nearly 4,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions.

During the four-day exhibition, a total of more than 200,000 professional visitors from nearly 100 countries came to Dusseldorf to visit and inspect, 78% of which came from abroad. The exhibition is comprehensive, highly innovative, and has a clear structure. It is not only a rich industry information platform, but also the best platform for exhibitors and visitors to exchange experience. The exhibition is hosted by Messe Düsseldorf Gmbh, Germany, and is the largest and most authoritative in the world Hospitals, medical equipment and supplies professional exhibitions, each year, more than 8,000 companies from more than 60 countries and regions exhibit at the same time in 18 exhibition halls, with an exhibition area of ​​250,000 square meters and more than 200,000 visitors. , Mainly for hospital procurement personnel, hospital management personnel, traders, manufacturers, agents, distributors, and research and development personnel, etc., is recognized by medical professionals and medical product traders not to be missed, it is irreplaceable The scale and influence rank first in the world medical industry exhibition.

The Dusseldorf Medical Exhibition (MEDICA) was first opened in November 1949. At that time, it was mainly academic conferences. After years of reforms, it gradually formed exhibition-themed conferences. In recent years, due to the market orientation, In 2002, it became the world’s largest medical itinerary, the largest number of participants, and the most popular exhibition in the professional industry.

4641 companies from 66 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, of which 51% were from countries outside of Germany, with a total exhibition area of ​​108,000 square meters and 132,000 professional visitors. 4,200 medical companies from 76 countries in the world will exhibit their latest medical products and related technologies within 4 days.

Range of exhibition
Medical equipment: medical electronic equipment, ultrasound equipment, x-ray equipment, medical optical equipment, clinical laboratory analysis equipment, dental equipment and materials, hemodialysis equipment, respiratory equipment, hospital wards, operating rooms, emergency room equipment, hospital office equipment, experiments Room equipment, etc.

Disposable consumables: disposable medical supplies, dressings and sanitary materials, various surgical instruments, etc.

Medical equipment: medical and health equipment, home health products, physical therapy, plastic surgery technology, etc.

Medical peripherals: information and communication technology, medical services and publishing, etc.

In the past, we have already exhibited in Germany at this time. Due to the new crown epidemic, we are all exhibiting online. Our Huachenyang provides nucleic acid kits, nasal swabs, throat swabs, oral swabs, and viruses. Sampling swabs, flocking swabs, virus sampling tubes, and virus preservation solutions. Nucleic acid extractors are all used in COVID-19, CDC, and hospitals. During the epidemic, we export to the world. Thank you for your attention to our Huachenyang , We will continue to work hard to provide quality products and services to make users truly satisfied. I hope that the global epidemic will end soon, so that we can see you at the exhibition, thank you.


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