Where to collect samples for new coronavirus nucleic acid testing

Where to collect samples for new coronavirus nucleic acid testing

Different from the ordinary collection of blood, urine and other routine testing samples, the new coronavirus nucleic acid testing requires a separate sampling site. There are three locations for sampling of outpatients in our hospital:

(1)Patients from fever clinics take samples at fever clinics (24 hours sampling is possible);

(2) Patients in general outpatient clinics will sample at the “nucleic acid detection area” outside the outpatient building (07:00-17:00);

(3) Emergency patients in the night should go to the emergency medical department for sampling (17:00-07:00 the next day).

4. What are the precautions when collecting samples?

(1) Show ID card before sampling;

(2) Do not eat for 2 hours before sampling;

(3) Do not smoke, drink, chew gum, etc. half an hour before sampling.

(4) Prepare facial tissues, and immediately cover them with tissues or elbows when coughing or sneezing;

(5) Do not shake your head during sampling, and reduce forced breathing and coughing.

5. How long does it take to get the test result report?

(1) Patients in fever clinic and emergency department: get the report within 4-6 hours;

(2) General outpatients get reports within 6-12 hours.

6. How many forms of test result report?

(1) Paper version: Scan the barcode on the self-service printer of the inspection form to print the paper report;

Post time: Nov-12-2021