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Principle of the Oxygen Machine for Home

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1. Principle of portable oxygen concentrator

It adopts the process of precipitating oxygen from the air in the solution through oxidation and reduction. This kind of oxygen machine is relatively quiet and does not produce dangerous hydrogen gas like electrolytic water oxygen, but these products are very strict in the process of handling and use, do not allow tilting and inverting, otherwise, the solution will flow into the oxygen delivery tube and spray into the nasal cavity, causing serious damage to the user, at the same time, the use of oxygen production process is easy to produce other oxides, the oxygen produced contains chemical substances, so the choice of electronic oxygen machine customer maintenance work must be done.

2. Molecular sieve type oxygen machine principle

The use of an advanced gas separation technology (PSA method). This kind of oxygen machine life is generally between 3000-5000 hours, is nowadays the most popular kind of home oxygen machine.

3. Chemical oxygen generator principle

The use of a reasonable pharmaceutical formula to produce oxygen under specific conditions. This kind of oxygen machine can indeed meet the urgent use of some consumers, but the operation is troublesome, the use of high costs, can not be used continuously, so it is not suitable for home oxygen therapy.

4. Principle of oxygen enriched membrane oxygen generator

Using the oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the oxygen-rich membrane dissolution speed is different, so as to achieve the oxygen enrichment from the air and part of the nitrogen rejection, so as to obtain the required rich oxygen. It breaks through the traditional oxygen problem, no need for additives or water, plug in the power can absorb oxygen. Power consumption of 25W-28W per hour, 5 hours a day to suck the cost of only 10 cents, the service life of more than 20 years. Oxygen enrichment will not be poisoned, and will not produce dependence.

5. Principle of variable pressure adsorption oxygen generator

Using zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, the principle of pressurized adsorption and depressurized desorption is used to adsorb and release oxygen from the air, so as to separate the automatic equipment of oxygen. Zeolite molecular sieve is a spherical granular adsorbent with white surface and internal micropores processed by a special pore type treatment process. Its pore shape characteristics enable it to achieve kinetic separation of O2 and N2.

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Home Oxygen Machine Maintenance

  1. Placement: Place the home oxygen concentrator in a dry and ventilated place, avoid placing it in a humid place, such as bathroom, toilet, closed storage room, etc. When not in use, use a cloth to cover the oxygen concentrator to prevent dust contamination. The bottom of the oxygen machine should be flat, some oxygen machine bottom has a fall switch, not smoothly placed machine is not energized.
  2. Do not let oil or grease contact with the oxygen concentrator, to avoid fire after such substances meet oxygen.
  3. When making oxygen, keep the indoor air clean, smoking in the room is strictly prohibited.
  4. Do not place items on top of the home oxygen concentrator, such as cups, cell phones, MP4, books and other things, otherwise it will affect the oxygen concentrator heat dissipation.
  5. To do regular cleaning work
    Cut off the power, use a cleaning cloth with cleaning liquid to clean the machine shell regularly, and make sure the cleaning liquid enters the machine from the gap when cleaning.
  6. Maintenance of idle
    When idle for a long time, clean the water in the wetting tank; disinfect and wash the oxygen delivery tube and oxygen absorber and place them in a dry place for storage to avoid contact with dust.
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