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Animal DNA collection kit

Shenzhen Huachenyang Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer. It mainly produces oral swabs, flocking swabs, sampling swabs and cotton swabs.


Animal DNA collection kit

Why Flocked Swab?

It has been shown that the flocked swab releases up to 95% of the sample collected compared to 25% in a standard fiber
tipped swab – especially important if the sample size is particularly small.
For traditional fiber wound swab, a large percentage of the collected sample remains entrapped in the fiber matrix of the tip.

Flocking swab in Our GMP factory(built in 2016)

10 years mass production on flocked swab,exclusive production equipment leads to mature static spray-on tech, ensure the flocked swab tip soft &uniform and the sampling validity.

Strict GMP ruled class 10,000 clean-room factory,even workers’ gloves are imported from Malaysia, ensure all products DNA free.