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Culture Swab


Culture Swab

Iclean transport systems is latest bacteriology sterile,ready-to-use systems intended for collection,
transport,and preservation of clinical specimens for bacteriological examination transport swabs,
providing capability & sustaining viability of fastidious aerobic or anaerobic bacteria in room temperature.

It’s produced using a unique bio-treatment process together with a careful selection of glue and binding
agents that maximizes organism survival on the swab, and subsequent release into the test platform or
onto the culture media.


Stuart Transport Medium is a semi-solid non-nutritional transport medium.
Cary-Blair Transport Medium is a transport medium for gram-negative and anaerobic
Amies Transport Medium is used for the preservation of microorganisms in transit.



Recommended applications
Wound, skin, urogenital, throat, nose,ear and eye. 

Transwab medium (Amies) for recovery of aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious organisms.
Rayon Tip (open weave for optimum release of microorganisms).
Low bioburden.

available in both wet and dry swabs.
Transport at ambient or refrigerated temperatures.
Open weave bud for optimum release and improved sensitivity in diagnostic tests. Best
For consistent gram stains.

Optimize Patient Comfort



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