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DNA Test Kit CY-98000K3(pouch)

name:dna test kit


DNA Test Kit CY-98000K3(pouch)

Product Name

DNA Test Kit—CY-98000K2,DNA Test Kit CY-98000K3

Patent No. In China


Kit Content

2 buffers, 2 collection flocked swab, bar code(optional)


Superior oral,wound, nasal,cervical,skin,fecal biological specimen sample collection for genetic test or molecular diagnostic

Swab Option

Buccal,skin, cervical,male, Nasal,wound,fecal, and environment,animal


FDA,CE,EU,Free Sale,Export license based on (GMP)

Collection method





Room Temperature (15-30℃)

Shelf life of buffer

1 year


Hard paper Box, 125 sets/CTN,CTN size:52*40*30cm

Sample Validity

≥30 days in DNA Preservatives buffer


960,000 sets/day


1500 sets

Lead Time

12-18 days from deposit


Customization of design,color, logo,pack


L/C, T/T, Money Gram,Escow, Paypal, Western Union,DDP,DAP


By sea,by air, by Express DHL,Fedex,UPS or TNT

Why Flocked Swab?

It has been shown that the flocked swab releases up to 95% of the sample collected compared to 25% in a standard fiber
tipped swab – especially important if the sample size is particularly small.
For traditional fiber wound swab, a large percentage of the collected sample remains entrapped in the fiber matrix of the tip.

Flocking swab in Our GMP factory(built in 2016)

10 years mass production on flocked swab,exclusive production equipment leads to mature static spray-on tech, ensure the flocked swab tip soft &uniform and the sampling validity.
Strict GMP ruled class 10,000 clean-room factory,even workers’ gloves are imported from Malaysia, ensure all products DNA free.

Non-invasive ! No blood, No needle


 No risk of infection, no accompany of Doctor, no need refrigerate,

people can collection their Saliva sample at home and mail to Lab for DNA test.


HCY Home DNA Collection kits  is designed for user-friendly self-collection  from donors at home,

which is all-in-one system for collection, stabilization and transportation,storage of human DNA from

buccal & Naso,stool,cervical & forensic sample.

What is inside the kits

DNA test kit


Item       Quantity(pc)
DNA Collection flocked swab       2 
vials with stabilization solution (2ml)       2
Bar code (back-up)       4 pcs
Return bag       1
Carton size: 50*40*30cm , 100 sets /Carton 

Sample Collection Instructions 

Most people take 3-6 minutes to collect a  sample following steps 1 to 6.

1. Ringe mouth with warm water.

2. Unfold the kits, Spit into funnel until saliva volume (not bubbles) reaches the marked line-2ml.

3. Hold the funnel & preservative tube upright, and screw off the rep cap.

4. Pour the 2ml Saliva Preservative into the funnel tube.

5. Unscrew the funnel from the collection tube.

6.Close the collection tube tightly by red cap.

7.Shake the collection tube for 5 seconds. Discard or ecycle the rest parts.

The collection tube is final DNA sample to be mailed to Lab for DNA test.


1. How many years on medical consumable?

Founded on June 2008, our products lincludes persnal care & labor prootection product. While our mission is to be No.1 Chinese factory on swab, especially DNA collection swab. So from Mar 2012, we had cut off the old product & focused more on developing of DNA collection swab, antiseptic swab. 

2. You had patents, certificate of your products?                                     We had more than 22 aprroved patents on medical consumable & medical service. Now we are Chinese No. 1 factory on medical swab(DNA collection swab, antiseptic swab & clean swab), the only one with FDA/CE/GMP certificate.

3. Your Factory had qualified R&D Lab?

Yes. From 2016, about 55% annual revenue had been spent on the new factory building, production equipment updating, talent introduction and staff training. Construction & management of our new class 100,000 clean room & class 100,00 Laboratory conforms to the standard of GMP.

4.Your factory is following GMP?

Yes,our new class 100,000 clean room & class 100,00 Laboratory built from 2016  and management of swab workshop conforms to GMP.In Jan 2018, Free sale certificate based on GMP is issued to us.

5. OEM / ODM available?

Yes, OEM,ODM are both avaialble.

6. How you sterilize the product?

Our medical swab including swab are all sterilized by γ ray.