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TOC cleaning validation swab

Huachenyangs TOC Cleaning Validation Swabs were designed to simplify sampling as part of a cleaning validation protocol. The swabs are further cleaned using a proprietary process to make them excellent for use in Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis.


TOC cleaning validation swab 

1, Certified Low TOC level (<50 μg/L, <50 ppb) ensures consistency
in swab background contribution.
2,Double layered, double knit polyester head entraps contaminants
in knit structure during sampling. This allows maximum contaminant
collection and release into the diluent to provide for excellent
recovery rates.
3, Notched, break-away handle allows the head to be placed into the
vial with minimal handling and contamination.
4, 100% polypropylene handle ensures no additional contaminants
are introduced and provides excellent chemical resistance.

toc cleaning validation swab

Instruction for use:

1. Please consult your written SOPs for
sampling instructions.
2. Dip the swab in solution.
3. Sample the area.
4. Remove the vial cap.
5. Snap the swab head by placing the swab
head into the vial with the notch touching the
top of vial. Avoid touching the swab head.
6. Replace the cap.
7. Label the sample


 1, Surface sampling for use in:
– TOC analysis as part of a cleaning validation protocol.
– As part of other cleaning validation protocols.
2,Non-organic liquids sampling for contamination source

GMP factory:

toc cleaning validation swab

 Certificate :

 toc cleaning validation swab



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