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Vaginal swab kit


Vaginal swab kit
Product structure description: CY-95000AV is composed of a casing, a push rod and a sampling head.

1, please read this manual carefully before operating;
2, the product is a single-packed disposable product, for personal use only, one person, not many people share. Do not use when the individual package is damaged and the sampling brush head is exposed or the sampling brush is separated from the sleeve.
3, the product is used by large-scale population, disposable cervical sampling swab operation is safe and no obvious pain, but it is still recommended to be accompanied by others;
4. If there is bleeding or persistent pain during sampling, stop the operation immediately.

Use taboos:
1, no sexual life history; women in the menstrual period, during pregnancy, lactation avoidance;
2, the condition is critical, the life of the inspection process may be dangerous.
Cotton swab manufacturers remind: notes, warnings and tips
After the test results of the medical device testing institution: the sampling swab does not have any allergic stimulation to the skin, and can be used with confidence.
1, should pay attention to the packaging mark when using, to check whether the packaging is damaged, such as damage, it is strictly prohibited to use.
2, this product is a one-time use, can not be reused, destroyed after use.
3, when using, pay attention to the product expiration date, expired products are strictly prohibited.
As shown in Figure 4, it is treated as a medical waste treatment method after use.

Sampling step description

1. Before the operation, the doctor determines that the disposable cervical sampling swab is individually packaged and intact, and the cell preservation tube is checked for damage or leakage.

2, take out the disposable cervical sampling swab, adjust the disc to the sampling brush between the bayonet A and B, the sampling brush head is not exposed in the casing.

3, the operator holds the anti-slip groove of the sleeve, the swab (the disc of the sampling brush rod is placed between the bayonet A and B) is slowly inserted from the vagina until the outer mouth of the cervix (at this time) There should be a slight resistance, but no pain.)

As shown in Figure 4, the sleeve is fixed with one hand, and the sampling brush is gently pushed in the direction shown, so that the disc of the sampling brush rod passes through the bayonet A inside the sleeve, indicating that the sampling brush head has exposed the sleeve. Then continue to push in about 1 cm, so that the brush head completely exposes the cannula and touches the outer cervix; against the handle, the sampling brush is slowly rotated 4-5 times in the same direction to collect enough cervical cells. (Note that the force should be moderate, too light to get enough cells, too heavy may damage the cervix to cause bleeding).

5. After collecting the cells, fix the sleeve with one hand, and hold the handle with the other hand and pull it out slightly in the direction shown in the figure, so that the disc of the sampling brush rod is returned to the bayonet and the card inside the sleeve. Between mouth B.

As shown in Figure 6, the sleeve is fixed with one hand, and the other hand pushes the handle in the direction shown, so that the disc of the sampling brush rod passes through the bayonet A, exposing the brush head to the outside of the sleeve until the groove at the end of the brush head is exposed. (Note that the brush head should not touch other objects).

As shown in Figure 7, open the cell preservation tube (with 2 ml of volatile cell preservation solution) matched with the sampler, immerse the brush head in the liquid surface, fix the bottle body, and stir it for more than 10 times to make the collected specimen completely. Release in the cell preservation solution (if you accidentally dipped in liquid, rinse it off with water).

As shown in Fig. 8, fix the cell storage tube with one hand, as shown in the figure, break the self-sampling brush from the groove at the end of the brush head, keep the brush head in the cell preservation solution, tighten the tube cap of the cell preservation tube, and discard the handle. And the casing part.