SARS-COV-2 swab

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It is matched with nasal swab or pharyngeal swab for sample collection, preservation or inactivation

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flocked swab

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This swab kit is designed for the collection, transportation and short-term storage of viral specimens. The viral transport medium included is osmotically balanced and buffered to maintain the viability of virus specimens during transportation to laboratory. Kit includes sterile collection tube with viral transport media (VTM) and individually packed throat swab with flocked tip. Throat swabs, collection tube, and transport media available separately upon request.

Throat Swab
Swab Tip – Flocked
Length – 150 mm
Breakpoint Distance (From Swab Tip) – 36 mm and 59 mm

Maximum Volume – 10 ml
Maximum Volume – 5 ml
Viral Transport Medium – 2 ml


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