Specimen Collection Sponge Swab

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Specimen Collection Sponge Swab (3)


iClean@ foam swab CY-90001-FS 100ppi medical polyurethane foam tip &polystyrene rigid handle, ideal for collecting large amount of liquid and rapid elution of thespecimens. It instantly release the specimen into the transport medium, which is welladopted in the field of microbiology test, rapid antigen test, molecular genetics,clinical diagnosis. Maximize the collection amount of mucus.


*lmprove diagnostic sensitivity

*Rapid elution

*Easy handling and transport

*No background from RNAse and other contaminants for test accuracy



Sterile Foam Swab

100pcs/zip bag, 5000pcs/case



Product Name Specimen Collection medical Sponge Swab
Item No. CY-90001-FS
Handle Material PS or PP
Mini Tip Material Medical 100ppi Polyurethane sponge
Swab Length 150mm±0.5mm
Handle Diameter 2.5mm±0.2mm
Tip Length 16mm±0.2mm
Tip Diameter 4.5mm±0.2mm
Breakpoint 80mm or no break point
Packing Individual Sterile Package, 100pcs/pack
Carton size 52*40*30cm
Qty/CTN 5000pcs (100packs)
CBM 0.0624m³
N.W./G.W. 8.7kgs


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