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China spread African swine fever and virus sample collection kit

According to the information Office room of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural areas, from the beginning of August, China’s first outbreak of African swine fever began, the country has more than 10 provinces have found outbreaks, November 17, the latest release, Shanghai Jinshan to detect the outbreak of African swine fever: 50 pigs 11 deaths. African swine fever (ASF) disease is caused by the African swine Fever virus (ASFV), ASFV infects domestic pigs, warts pigs and South African wild boars.

The disease is transmitted through direct contact between healthy and diseased animals, or indirectly through infected feed, as well as through biological carriers (soft ticks). There are acute, acute, subacute and chronic forms of onset, in which the incubation period for acute diseases is short, about 3-7 days, accompanied by high fever (up to 42°c), and dies within 5-10 days.

Because of the different virulence of swine infection, the mortality rate ranges from 0% to 100%, and the outbreak of outbreaks in any region or country has a devastating effect on the local pig farming industry and related industries, but it has not been confirmed that ASF is at risk of infecting people.

Chinese officials have found the African Swine Fever Virus in some protein powders made from pork blood produced by a Chinese company. The General Administration of Customs issued a statement saying that the raw material in 79.93 tons of contaminated protein products, mainly used in animal feed, came from 12 slaughterhouses.

This happened in spite of the fact that Chinese health officials banned the use of food waste and pig blood as a raw material for the production of pig food. Officials implemented the ban in September in an effort to control the spread of the disease. China has already reported more than 90 cases of African Swine Fever virus infection, which is deadly to pigs but doesn’t harm humans.

China first detected the disease in its herds back in August. The customs department also has issued an alert, that will last for six months, to strengthen testing for the African Swine Fever virus in exports of similar products. The alert also urges farms in Hong Kong and Macau to tighten their checks on animal feed imports.

More than 200,000 pigs on infected farms have been culled, according to a Reuters tally of official figures, while hundreds of thousands more in the vicinity have also been put down.China has the world’s largest hog herd and the rapid spread of African swine fever has roiled the country’s trade in pork, the nation’s most popular meat, disrupting supplies and pushing up prices in some areas.

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