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Characteristics and advantages of sampling swabs

Characteristics and advantages of sampling swabs

Sampling swab, also known as cervical sampling test, flocking cotton swab, is made up of nylon staple fibers and medical grade ABS plastic rods. The function of nylon staple fibers is like a soft brush, which can effectively improve the collection of cell materials. The capillary movement between fibers forms a strong hydraulic pressure, thus taking liquid samples. When the sample is close to the swab surface, it can be easily eluted. It can be used for bacteriological sample processing, virological cell culture, DFA test, rapid and direct test, enzyme immunoassay, polymerase chain reaction and molecular diagnosis-based detection.

Nylon flocking swabs are widely used and are ideal for bacteriological sample processing, virological cell culture, DFA testing, rapid and direct testing, enzyme immunoassay, polymerase chain reaction and molecular based diagnosis, as well as forensic identification. Similarly, flocking swabs can also be used for influenza, swine flu and avian influenza. Pharynx and throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as hand, foot and mouth.

Characteristics of Sampling Swabs

  1. Different preservation solutions were selected for different types of specimens.
  2. Each set of independent packaging in the big box is convenient to use.
  3. Paper-plastic packaging that is easy to sterilize in the world;
  4. Gamma ray sterilization to ensure sterility;

Advantages of Sampling Swabs

  1. Designed specifically for DNA micro-samples at crime scene, especially for sweat, semen, blood, dandruff, oral cells and other micro-samples with superior collection performance;
  2. The front end is pointed, which is suitable for the extraction of cells in the nail suture of the victim or suspect at the crime scene.
  3. The back end of the swab can be broken, which is beneficial to the automatic extraction workstation for sample extraction.
  4. The whole swab is packed in transparent plastic pipe to avoid biological pollution.
  5. It can adsorb trace samples quickly and has high release efficiency.

The collection system uses nylon flocking swab, which is harmless to microorganisms and can maximize the collection and release of specimens. A large number of clinical experiments show that nylon flocking swab has better collection and transportation effect on clinical microorganism specimens than ordinary sterile cotton swab. It is more advantageous for those specimens that can not be sent in time and placed for too long. It has unique jet implantation nylon fiber technology to increase the collection of specimens. The whole length of the swab is 15cm. The plastic rod has a unique breakable design. The villus texture can collect more target analytes. There is no sample residue. The process of sample processing is accelerated. The swab is sterilized and packed independently. The sterile swab is packed independently.

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