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The Latest On Effective Saliva Collection Kit Advice

The Latest On Effective Saliva Collection Kit Advice

ABOUT Huachenyang
Huachenyang leads the industry in supporting thousands of salivary bioscience researchers around the world with the most accurate, highest-quality, salivary assays, saliva collection devices, and saliva testing services. Dedicated to the field of salivary bioscience, Huachenyang assays have been used in more saliva-related published papers than any other salivary assay in the field.

ABOUT Huachenyang
At Huachenyang, we recognize the critical role saliva collection plays in providing consistent, accurate results. Huachenyang is dedicated to the creation of a global standard for collection devices and techniques, as well as the development of new, cutting edge saliva collection methods to increase ease of use and participant compliance. Exclusively from Huachenyang, all Huachenyang products are extensively tested to minimize or eliminate variability from saliva collection and have been optimized for collection with participant-specific groups. Not all saliva collection devices are the same, for example cotton swabs, can interact with analytes in the sample and/or negatively influence assay performance. SalivaBio collection devices have been tested on all Salimetrics assay kits and we have concrete recommendations for which device is compatible for testing the analytes in your study.

Economic, easy to use integrated DNA stabilization buffer
Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffer flow back
DNA stabilized at room temperature for up to 60 months*
Total DNA yields exceeding 180 ng/µl**
Compatible with most Manual and HT Isolation kits (Requires Proteinase K)
1D and 2D printed codes with auto de-capping capability
Fully tested on most downstream processing techniques
Suitable for field, home use and clinic-based sampling
Collection tube specified to 95kPa for leak proof mailing
Assisted version for Infants and Elderly