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The Options For Core Aspects Of dna cheek swab

The Options For Core Aspects Of dna cheek swab

How to select high quality DNA Cheek Swab?

The choice of suppliers?

Product management issues?

Brand reputation?

Commodity categories and reach problems?

Cost control?

Promotion strategy?

1:Founded in 2008, Huachenyang specializes in a variety of swabs, DNA swabs, oral swabs, flocking swabs, polyester fiber swabs, sponge swabs, aseptic swabs, cotton swabs, rayon swabs. Enterprise choice: professional, focused.

2:Our products have CE, FDA, CFDA, YY0287 (ISO13485) Quality System Certification of China Medical Device Manufacturing License.

3:Our registered trademark brand: huachenyang, iclean, icleanhcy. We have our own brand products in the market, as well as OEM brand, which has certain advantages.

4: Our products include oral swabs, cell preservatives, various swabs, suitable for food, diagnosis, gene detection, inspection and quarantine, dentistry, stomatology, pathology, gynecology, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, infections, forensic medicine, DNA, scientific research, etc. Our customers are all over the world, DNA CHEEK SWAB.

5: Our cost control in the industry is more rigorous, with a variety of semi-automatic and automated equipment, reduce production costs, have high-quality software ERP, CRM, OA, man-machine integration, rapid response, process control at a glance, cost, detail control. By a variety of customers highly appreciated.

6: Our products have been sold on the market, covering a wide range of areas. In the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Europe and America, hospitals, diagnostic centers, outpatient clinics, inspection and quarantine, food, medical treatment, biopharmaceuticals have been widely used, giving traders and customers a certain discount.