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Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Tech Co., Ltd., as China’s leading manufacturer of medical disposable,

sampling flocked swab, PCR polymerase,Cell culture medium,rapid CE-IVD test kit, lab device & stem cells projects from 2008.

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Providing Premium Quality For World Health

Focusing on the manufacturing and R&D of sampling swabs, virus transport medium & CE IVD test kits for 15 years, HCY invested over millions of dollars in GMP factory & new automatic swab & media lines, and increased production capacity by 25 times to supply PPE &Flocked swab, VTM swab kits & Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits to global hospitals & labs & governments and WHO.
Most of the products have been registered with global regulatory agencies such as NMPA, FDA, TGA, MEDL, CE, etc. HCY spares no effort to fight the epidemic & provide you with healthcare.


Our products  have been approved production license and registration, and are certified by CE, FDA, TGA, etc.

HCY Established —— 2008
Excellent doctoral team is responsible for R & D
2013-8 —— CE approved
US Food and Drug Administration Listed —— 2014-12
As China first swab factory
First GMP factory built with Class 100,000 clean room & Class 10000 Lab & Class 100 workshopCovering 12,000 ㎡
ISO13485: 2016 approved —— 2020-5
2020-8 —— Got EUA and MDE
China white listed of our antigen and antibody rapid test kit, and CE DOC MDR approved
2022-3 —— ThaiFDA (T6500115) approved
CE Certificate MDR 2862 Issued —— 2022-5
2022-5 —— Obtained CE certificate (CE 2934)


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