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Bunny Lines: Cause, Tips for Bunny Lines Botulinus Injections

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Bunny lines are one of the common wrinkles we see. As we get older, crow’s feet, nose lines, head lines, eye bags and tear trough will gradually appear. 
Many people think that hyaluronic acid injections are sufficient after growing wrinkles. However, injecting botulinum toxin into the face may have the opposite effect, that is, the wrinkles between the muscles injected with botulinum toxin and the muscles not injected will become more and more obvious, among which bunny lines are prone to arise due to this problem.

What are bunny lines?

Bunny Lines
Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are wrinkles that are located on the nose bridge or extend to the sides. Some people develop bunny lines when they smile, laugh, frown or speak. Some people also develop them after botulinus injections, especially after treatment for crow’s feet and frown lines. People with thinner skin and lighter skin tones are more likely to have wrinkles on the outside of the nose. Those with darker skin tones and oily skin will develop coarse rabbit lines that tend to appear only on the nose bridge.

Why do bunny lines occur?

There are 3 main muscles in the nose: the descending interbrow muscle, the nasalis muscle, and the descending septum muscle. The descending interbrow muscle contracts to bring the eyebrows down medially, it starts at the root of the nose and interlocks with the fibers of the frontalis muscle. When the descending septum muscle contracts, it moves the tip of the nose downward. The nasal muscle is the most important muscle in the production of rabbit lines. The nasal muscle of the upper lip is not an intrinsic muscle of the nose, and its medial fibers may also be involved in the formation of rabbit lines.

Do bunny lines botulinus injections work?

Generally speaking, if a person does not develop bunny lines while smiling, and they only become visible when the muscle contraction reaches its maximum level, then this generally does not affect the appearance. However, if you have bunny lines that appear when you smile mildly or even when you are not smiling, then you can visit an aesthetic facility for bunny lines botulinus injections.

Precautions for Bunny Lines botulinus Injections 

  1. It is best to seek professional injections and avoid self-administration 
  2. Before the injection, conduct an assessment of the state of the facial skin and muscles to ensure that you have the conditions for the injection 
  3. The injection should be very superficial because the skin around the nose bridge is very thin and contact with the periosteum can be painful. 
  4. The needle tip should be inserted at a 30-degree angle so that it is easier to avoid touching the periosteum. 
  5. Avoid blood vessels when injecting to prevent bruising and bleeding. 
  6. The location of the injection point should not be too far from the nose bridge, otherwise, the upper lip nasal muscle may be blocked, resulting in sagging or asymmetry of the upper lip.

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