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HCYTECH Nylon-Flocked Dry Swabs in Tubes

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【Sterile Flocked Swabs】- These nasal swabs are individually wrapped with 100 per bag, sterilized and safe, ensuring 100% sterile products and with no risk of compromising the samples.
【Bead-shaped Nylon Tip】- Nylon fluff can not only increase the collection volume, making the product collection and release the volume up to 95%, but the nylon head is bead-shaped, which can improve the comfort of the examinee.
【Breaking Point Design】- There is a unique breaking point design on the ABS of nasal swabs. According to different specimen storage requirements, it can be put into the cell preservation solution for convenient transportation.
【Flocked Swab Dimensions】- Length 150mm (6 in), Flocked Tip 20mm (0.79 in), BreakPoint 80mm (3.15 in), these swabs ensure easy and quick manoeuvrability, an excellent choice for laboratories, hospitals, testing centres, med schools and clinics.
【Customer Guarantee】- HCYTECH specializes in the production of laboratory medical consumables, disposable medical consumables, diagnostic reagents, etc. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us in time, and we will do our best to solve the problems for you.

Sample collection swab CY-96000T

We have other models with different head sizes for oral swabs, throat swabs, and cervical swabs.

The tube body is made of pp material, which is clean and sterilized and can be used with confidence.

Product Overview
With an original and patented design, HCYTECH® flocked swabs offer unparalleled efficiency in capturing and releasing the target analyte, resulting in improved pathogen recovery, expanded testing capabilities, and increased patient comfort. HCYTECH® feature an ergonomic and anatomic design, with a patient-friendly, soft, brush-like texture. With a safe and convenient molded breakpoint, collecting a sample has never been easier.

HCYTECH® are available with various tip sizes and breakpoints and are commonly used for various sampling sites including:

Skin and Surface Sampling
Nasopharyngeal Sampling
Nasal and Mid-turbinate Sampling
Buccal, Throat, and Oropharyngeal Sampling
Many Other Sampling Sites

HCYTECH® flocked swabs are ideal collection devices for many clinical and laboratory applications and are suitable for clinical specimens for applications including:

Rapid Antigen Testing
Direct Fluorescent Antibody Testing (DFA)
Enzyme Immunoassay Testing (EIA)
Molecular-Based Assays
Cytology Testing
Virology Culture
Many other laboratory applications

Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory. We are a swab production factory with 16 years of experience. The factory is located in the beautiful Shenzhen, China.Manufacturer:HCYTECH

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