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IPA cleaning SwabIPA Cleaning Swabs, IPASS-4.5in Sterilization Swabs

IPA Cleaning Swabs, IPASS-4.5in Sterilization Swabs

Swab tip: Polyurethane

Handle material: polypropylene

Filling solution: 99.9% IPA


IPA Cleaning Swabs

The IPA Cleaning Swab is a high quality, cleanroom swab for the critical cleaning of small and hard-to-reach areas. The wide paddle head offers extraordinary cleaning abilities by featuring an inner layer of foam for absorbency and an outer layer of micro-denier for holding contaminants.

A four-inch handle containing a reservoir of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol adds even more cleaning power to the paddle head. Once the solvent is released from the handle, it is absorbed into the soft paddle head. This easy-to-use system is ideal for removing lubricants, adhesives, residues, or other contaminants on circuit boards, sensors, or stencils.

Class 100 laundered and packaged, IPA Clean Swab is free of particulates making it suitable for medical surfaces. With no tribogeneration, the swab is safe to use on ESD static-sensitive devices when the head is moist.

  • The plastic handle on the IPA Snap Swab is filled with 99.9% IPA solution.
  • Simply squeeze or snap the plastic handle and the foam tip is saturated with just the right amount of cleaning solution.
  • IPA swabs can be used in biopharmaceutical, instrumentation, printer, desktop cleaning and instrument maintenance scenarios.
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene
  • Handle size (length x diameter): approximately 4.5″ x 0.200″ or 114 x 5.2 (mm)
  • Tip Size (L x W): 0.984″ x 0.591″ or 25 x 15 (mm)
  • Filling solution: 99.9% IPA
  • Solution content: 4.5 inches (1.5 mL)

Advantages of Huachenyang IPA Swabs

  • 100 ppi, open cell polyurethane rectangular foam tip;
  • Non-abrasive;
  • Foam seals directly to the plastic handle, eliminating the need for adhesives and making it more environmentally friendly;
  • Easy to maneuver, great for removing ink stains, adhesive residue and debris from print heads;
  • The compatible cleaning kit cleans the thermal print head with a back-and-forth motion, effectively removing dirt and debris that builds up on the print head, thus extending the life of the print head and maintaining a readable image.

“HCY, Health care for you” is our forever mission. We dedicate to offering safe & reliable products and medical services with our global creditable partners. HCY has already supplied to WHO, MAYO clinic, MGI, DDC, Yale University, Qorvo, Quanterix, Thomas Scientific, SD biosensor, Cardinal Health, Cleveland Clinic, Mars Petcare & LumiraDx, etc. in the past years.

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