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Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swab, Flexible, Mini-tip, Sterile

For the collection of Nasopharyngeal (NP) specimens.

Mini-tip size flocked swab
80mm breakpoint on the shaft
Peel pouch – individually packaged

Our flocked swabs are used in the nasal cavity, as well as the urethra, for bacterial and virus sampling, and are sterilely packaged. The sterile swabs have obtained 510K, CE, FDA, MDR, ISO13485, and the manufacturer is Huachenyang Technology,



PACK SIZE100 per package
PACKAGINGIndividually Wrapped

Flocked swabs are the gold standard for collecting COVID-19 specimens for PCR testing. Their superior sample elution enables maximum recovery of viral particles into the testing sample solution.


The diagnosis of COVID-19 viral infection by culture relies on the collection of proper specimens and proper care to protect the virus in the specimen from environmental damage and the use of an adequate transport system to maintain virus activity. iClean Viral Transport Media carries a specially formulated medium for the transportation of viral specimens. It is designed to maintain the optimum viability and virulence of the viral specimen. iClean’s VTM allows the safe transfer of viruses for diagnostic purposes. Designed with safety, reliability and convenience to meet your viral testing needs.

Viral Transport Media

The Viral transport medium contains Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution with phenol red indicator to ensure media integrity at the time of specimen collection.
Provides protective protein and antibiotics to inhibit microbial contamination and buffers to control the pH balanced environment.
Tube dimension: 16 X 100mm
Media: 3 ml

Fine flocked Nylon swab provides excellent sample collection and elutes the cellular material into a liquid medium.
Separate swabs for Nasal & Oral samples.

Factory:HCY TECH

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