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Precautions for Using Oximeter

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Failure to use the oximeter correctly may result in incorrect monitoring results.

There are many factors that affect the accuracy of oximetry monitoring results and you should read the instructions before using it.


1. No Nail Polish

Nail polish on the nails can interfere with the recognition of the pulse oximetry light waves, thus making the oxygen saturation value inaccurately detected.

Recommendation: During the blood oxygen saturation test you should try to choose fingertips with thin skin, no pigmentation, and rich blood vessels for the test, and avoid using fingers with nail polish or other colored dyes for the test.

2. Keeping the Limb Stable

Limb movement during testing can cause changes in blood filling status, which can alter the length of the light path and result in inaccurate measurement values.

Recommendation: When testing with an oximeter, be careful to keep the test limb stable and not shake it violently.

3. Keeping the Limb Warm

If the fingertips of the subject are cold, local arterial constriction will result in an inadequate pulse signal, low oxygen saturation values, and even incorrect test results.

It is recommended to keep the extremities warm during the oxygen saturation test and to maintain a room temperature of 25-28 C°.

4. No pressure on the tested limb and site

If the tested limb and site are under pressure, the local blood circulation of the finger is affected, which can also affect the oxygen saturation test results.

Recommendation: Check the wearing area every 1 to 2 hours to ensure good skin texture. If the skin condition changes, move the oximeter to another site.

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