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What are the cotton swab models of HUBY-340?

What are the cotton swab models of HUBY-340?

Swabs (For Clean Room) HUBY(R) 340 100 Pieces and others

HUBY-340 SWAB BB-001

HUBY-340 SWAB BB-002

HUBY-340 SWAB BB-003

HUBY-340 SWAB BB-012

HUBY-340 SWAB BB-013

HUBY-340 SWAB CA-002

HUBY-340 SWAB CA-003

HUBY-340 SWAB CA-005

HUBY-340 SWAB CA-006

HUBY-340 SWAB CA-007

HUBY-340 SWAB CA-008

HUBY-340 SWAB CA-0010




HUBY-340 SWAB SS-001

HUBY-340 SWAB SS-002

HUBY-340 SWAB SA-001

HUBY-340 series cotton swabs, purification cotton swabs, dust-free cotton swabs, clean cotton swabs, purification cotton swabs HUBY cotton swabs are produced by the world’s cotton swab manufacturer – Japan SANYO Company. All models of cotton swabs are made of high-quality filament cotton, and are professionally used in various Wiping and cleaning of precision products in the industry. Can eliminate contaminants and maintain cleanliness in the special environment of the production process where wipers cannot wipe. Low chemical residue after wiping. It is flammable, easy to dispose and environmentally friendly. Most cleaning swabs are conductive grade to keep the operator and tool grounded.
Scope of application: laser and related industries, semiconductor and related industries, optics, electron microscopes, cleaning of magnetic read-write heads, cleaning of video heads, magnetic heads, precision devices, etc. ​

The product has the following advantages:

  1. Strong adsorption, small amount of dust, and low ion residue
  2. After soaking in the solvent, the cotton head will not become loose and deformed easily.
  3. Anti-static silicone-free packaging
  4. Environmentally friendly material, easy to recycle
  5. There are a variety of head shapes to choose from to facilitate wiping different types of products
  6. Unique anti-counterfeiting mark
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