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What are the Roles of DNA Polymerase ?

DNA polymerase is a key enzyme that plays an important role in the cell. Its main functions include:

DNA polymerase

DNA Replication

DNA polymerase is responsible for replicating DNA during cell division and growth. it is able to use one strand of DNA as a template to synthesize a new complementary strand, ensuring that each newborn cell has the same genetic information as the parent cell.

DNA Repair

DNA polymerase is involved in the DNA repair process. When DNA is damaged, such as by ultraviolet radiation or chemicals, DNA polymerase repairs the damage and restores the integrity of the DNA.


In gene expression, DNA polymerase transcribes DNA into RNA. this is a key step in the transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA, and it plays an important role in protein synthesis.
In conclusion, DNA polymerase is a key enzyme in the cell that is involved in several biological processes such as DNA replication, repair and gene expression to ensure that the cell functions properly and maintains the integrity of genetic information.

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