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Why Flocked Swabs Provide Superior Specimen Collection

The features and benefits of Huachenyang’s patented Huachenyang iClean® and iCleanhcy® flocked swabs certainly make them a compelling choice for specimen collection. Here’s a breakdown of why they provide superior specimen collection:

Optimum Sampling: Flocked swabs excel at collecting cells or organisms at the collection site and rapidly releasing entire cells. The unique manufacturing process patented by Huachenyang allows for higher sample yield compared to traditional swabs, making them ideal for use with rapid diagnostic tests.

Enhanced Diagnostic Sensitivity: The patented flocked technology transforms each fiber strand into a velvet-like brush, creating hundreds of thousands of contact points for superior collection and release of specimen samples. This increased number of target cells improves the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

Rapid Elution: Huachenyang’s flocked swabs are designed with an integrated handle, meaning they contain no inner fabric or core to absorb the specimen. This design allows for the collection and retention of a larger amount of specimen, leading to better sample yield. Additionally, it facilitates a more rapid and complete release of the sample into liquid media, aiding in efficient testing processes.

Proprietary Multi-Length Flock Fibers: Unlike other medical product suppliers, Huachenyang utilizes proprietary multi-length flock fibers in their swabs. These fibers create a web-like structure that collects and retains more specimen compared to traditional materials like cotton, polyester, or rayon swabs, further enhancing sample collection efficiency.

Convenient Handling and Transport: Huachenyang’s flocked swabs are designed for ease of use and transport. They feature pre-molded breakpoints and printed indicators, allowing for easy breaking of the handle before attaching the cap to the vial. Sterile swabs are available in dry transport tubes or medium-filled transport tubes, simplifying the sampling and transport process for laboratory professionals.

Overall, the combination of these features makes Huachenyang’s iClean® and iCleanhcy® flocked swabs a preferred choice for lab professionals conducting specimen collection, offering superior sampling efficiency, diagnostic sensitivity, and convenience.

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