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How to Use Iodine Swabs, Storage of Betadine Swab Sticks

Iodophor is a strong broad-spectrum disinfectant that has a strong killing effect on viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold spores. It has low skin irritation, low toxicity, and long-lasting effect. It is safe, easy to use, and portable. Iodine swab is non-irritating to body tissues and is used for skin and mucous membrane disinfection, such as pre-surgical cleaning, surgical site, and wound disinfection. Betadine Swab Sticks kill many kinds of bacteria, bacilli, viruses, and fungi.

Composition: Cotton swab tip, cotton swab rod, povidone-iodine solution

Application: Skin disinfection before clinical infusion of drug solutions

Instructions for Using Iodine Swabs

  1. Before using iodine swab sticks, you should check the production lot number, expiration date, and packaging for completeness.
  2. After removing the iodine swab, use the tip with the coloured ring to clean the skin or wound.
  3. Break the swab tip with the colour ring upward, and along the colour ring, the solution in the tube will quickly flow into the lower swab tip.
  4. Apply the end with the iodophor solution to the skin that needs to be disinfected.

Storage Conditions of Betadine Swabs Sticks

  1. Iodine swabs should be loaded and transported in covered compartments and cabins, kept clean and protected from sun and rain.
  2. Betadine swabs should be stored in a well-ventilated and clean room with relative humidity not exceeding 80%, without corrosive gases.

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