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Trichiasis: Causes, Treatment, Postoperative Care

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Cats can show various symptoms when they are sick, and vomiting is one of the more common ones. So what causes cat throwing up?

1. Vomiting Hairballs in Cats

Cats habitually lick their hair daily for self-cleaning and may swallow some hair while cleaning. When the hair inside their stomach accumulates to a certain level, the cat will vomit them out. This is not a sign of illness and does not require a visit to the vet.


2. Acute Gastroenteritis Causing Cat Throwing Up

Acute gastroenteritis is a major cause of vomiting in cats, which is caused by eating spoiled food, and the vomit is all food residue. Cats may also experience diarrhea, high fever, and depression, along with vomiting.

Treatment: You can let your cat fast for a day, but let your cat drink enough water. You can also feed some probiotics to regulate the stomach and intestines. You can also put some probiotics in your cat’s food to treat gastroenteritis through long-term conditioning.

Check if there is any problem with the cat food or other food you have fed recently, and replace it in time if there is any problem.

You should promptly take your cat to the doctor if its health does not improve.

3. Cat Throwing Up Caused by Parasites

If a cat has parasites in its body, it may speak the parasites and vomit, and the cat will lose its appetite and thus lose weight quickly.

Treatment: Cats need to take deworming medication when they reach the age of about three months, and deworming should be performed every three months. Deworming your cat regularly will eliminate the presence of worms in its body and prevent vomiting.

4. Cat Vomiting Caused by Feline Distemper

If cats are not vaccinated, they risk cat throwing up due to feline distemper infection. The usual manifestations are anorexia, depression, and high fever, which can be severe enough to lead to death by dehydration.

Treatment: Cats vomiting due to feline distemper should be taken to the hospital for treatment on time.

The above 4 reasons are the main causes of vomiting in cats.

If you want your cat to stay healthy, you must take him for vaccinations on time. Also, keep the environment where your cat lives clean. When the living environment is good, the cat hi be healthier and not susceptible to various diseases.

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