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Disposable Mid Turbinate Sterile Nasal Flocked Swab

Disposable Mid Turbinate Sterile Nasal Flocked Swab
Disposable Mid Turbinate Sterile Nasal Flocked Swab
Disposable Mid Turbinate Sterile Nasal Flocked Swab
Disposable Mid Turbinate Sterile Nasal Flocked Swab

Disposable Mid Turbinate Sterile Nasal Flocked Swab
Model Number : CY-96000-1,CY-96000B

Material: Flocked Head + ABS handle

Application: The product is suitable for collecting nasal and intranasal infection virus and DNA samples of any age group
Sterile Pack

Made In China


Disposable Mid Turbinate Nasal Flocked Swabs are designed to come into contact with a larger nasal surface area and for self-collection. Compared with other swabs, midturbinate swabs have an additional collar at the handle to guide the maximum insertion depths of 55 mm, tolerated for adults.

Midturbinate swabs have less invasive and better suited for self-collection due to the safety collar, The longer conical flocked head maximizes mucus contact, enabling better collection of specimens while offering a safe method of respiratory cell collection

Product Parameters

Product NameMid Turbinate Swab/Flocked Nasal Swab/Nylon Flocked Swab/Specimen Collection Swabs/Sterile Swab
Model NumberCY-96000-1
Brand NameHuachenyang
MaterialNylon Flocked Head+ABS handle
Overall Length122mm
Tip Diameter4mm
Tip Length25mm
ApplicationCell & specimen collection
A new era in flock swab technology
Forensic evidence collection
Rapid diagnostic testing
Specimen collection
DNA collection
Mid Turbinate Sterile Nasal Flocked Swab Collection Instructions
Instruct the patient to tilt their head back 70 degrees.
Using gloves and keeping the tip sterile, remove the swab.
While rotating, insert the swab one inch or less until resistance is met at the turbinates.
Rotate the swab 3-5 times against the nasal wall and repeat in the other nostril with the same swab.
Place tip of the swab into the transport media, breaking off the shaft.
Replace the top of the vial and ensure it is securely fastened.
Confirm that the name and date of birth on the vial are correct.
Packaging Information
Individual Sterile Package
100 pcs/zip pouch
6000pcs /carton box
Carton Size: 52X40X30 cm

Made In China


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