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Gastric Ulcer: 3 Symptoms & Treatment

Due to unhealthy eating habits, the number of people suffering from gastric ulcers is gradually increasing.

Symptoms of Gastric Ulcer

Stomach pain

The period of pain of a gastric ulcer is very different from other stomach diseases. Gastric ulcer is mainly manifested as postprandial pain, starting half an hour after eating, and will not disappear until the next meal, making it particularly painful. It is also rhythmic, and the pain changes this way almost every time you eat.

Nausea and Vomiting

Patients suffering from gastric ulcers will experience nausea and vomiting, which does not occur only after eating, but also when not eating. Even a sip of water will make the stomach feel particularly uncomfortable, thus causing the patient’s body to begin to lose weight.

Acid reflux

Stomach problems can easily produce acid reflux, and if a stomach ulcer causes the reflux, it may be because the ulcer is in an active phase.

The above three clinical manifestations will confirm that the body is in a state of gastric ulcer. Stomach ulcer is a particularly painful disease, and every patient wants to be cured as soon as possible. It is best to go to the hospital for medication and surgery to avoid deterioration of the condition when a stomach ulcer is found.

How to Treat Gastric Ulcer

Adhere to Long-term Medication

Because gastric ulcer is a chronic disease, one must adhere to long-term medication to completely heal. Do not stop the drug suddenly when the symptoms are slightly improved, nor can you take a certain drug just a few days later, see the disease has not improved, and change to another drug. Generally speaking, a course of medication takes 4 to 6 weeks, and pain relief has to consolidate treatment l to 3 months or even longer.

Avoid Mental Tension

Gastric ulcer is a typical psychological disease, and psychological factors greatly impact gastric ulcer. Mental tension, emotional excitement, or excessive apprehension produces adverse stimulation of the cerebral cortex. Mental tension can cause neurological disorders that affect food digestion and ulcer healing. Maintaining a relaxed and happy mind is the key to healing gastric ulcers.

Adhere to Regular Life

Stomach ulcer patients should have a certain rule of life. Not being overly tired or overworked will not only affect the digestion of food but also hinder the healing of ulcers. Patients suffering from gastric ulcer in the usual life need to pay attention and conditioning. You must pay attention to rest and the regularity of life. Ulcer attack and climate change have a relationship, so ulcer patients must pay attention to climate change, according to the seasonal cold and warm, and timely add and subtract clothing.

Pay Attention to Diet and Hygiene

Do not pay attention to dietary hygiene, partiality, picky eating, hunger, and satiety or excessive consumption of cold food, chili, strong tea, coffee, and other stimulating food can lead to gastrointestinal digestive disorders, which is not conducive to the healing of ulcers. Pay attention to dietary hygiene so that three meals a day at regular intervals, hunger, and satiety, chew slowly, is a good habits to promote the healing of ulcers.

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