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5 Causes of Yellow Teeth, Tips for Whitening Teeth

White, beautiful, and flawless teeth will not only make your smile full of confidence. However, for various reasons, yellow teeth can seriously disturb your life and affect your beauty.

Two types of yellowing of teeth

The color of the teeth we see is not only the color of the teeth but also the color of the dentin that appears through the enamel on the surface of the teeth. The color of enamel is white and translucent, and the color of dentin is yellowish.

Exogenous Yellow Teeth

There are many kinds of bacteria on the surface of the teeth, which secrete many sticky substances all the time, and daily diet, such as drinking tea, coffee, smoking, etc., will leave pigments on our teeth. These pigments adsorb on the sticky substances secreted by the bacteria, gradually making the surface of the teeth yellow or black. Over time, these substances will also gradually invade from the surface to the inside of the teeth, forming internal stains so that the inside is also slowly discolored.

Endogenous Yellow Teeth

The teeth are affected by some elements, and the pigment is not on the teeth’ surface but in the teeth’ tissues, mainly two kinds of fluorosis and tetracycline teeth.

Why My Teeth are Yellow?

1. Food

In daily life diet, we inevitably eat colored food, which leads to yellow teeth.

2. Health

Teeth in the development process due to poor nutrition or disease will affect the teeth’ calcification, and teeth will be yellow and brittle.

3. Water Quality

Some areas, especially mountainous areas, have high fluoride content in the water. If you drink too much of this fluoridated water, your teeth will be yellow and full of yellow teeth. However, fluorine has the effect of anti-caries, so these people are not easy to have cavities instead.

4. Drugs

Tetracycline drugs can lead to yellow teeth, especially in children (before 5 years old) take more influence.

5. Hygiene

Some people do not pay attention to oral hygiene, have no brushing habits, and the surface of the teeth accumulates a layer of food residue, soft tartar, tartar, tobacco stains, tea stains, etc. These “yellow teeth” is not the teeth themselves yellow, but due to the lack of attention to oral hygiene caused.

4 Tips for Whitening Teeth

  • 1. Every morning, when you brush your teeth in the toothbrush with a little salt, pay attention not to dip too much. Then in conjunction with whitening toothpaste for brushing, long-term persistence will be able to see the effect of teeth whitening, but also to help prevent bad breath.
  • 2. Gargle with vinegar first. You can use aged or white vinegar in your mouth for 1-3 minutes and then spit out the vinegar before brushing your teeth. Teeth will feel a little uncomfortable, but after two minutes, they recover. Do this once every two months because it can damage your teeth too often.
  • 3. After brushing your teeth, you can dip a gauze into an appropriate amount of lemon juice and rub it on your teeth, after which your teeth will become white and shiny, and the rich vitamin C is the best ingredient for whitening.
  • 4. Hold the lemon slice in your mouth. After brushing your teeth, put lemon slices in your mouth to cover your teeth for a good whitening effect. The principle is that the chemical reaction caused by citric acid makes the tartar and stains on the surface of the teeth decompose.

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