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Amblyopia in Adults, Lazy Eye Treatment for Adults

Amblyopia is a common eye disease during eye development and is very harmful to vision, and if parents are careless, they often miss the time to treat it, causing regret. In particular, monocular amblyopia is difficult to detect, relying on the healthy eye to see for a long time, and is often not detected until the healthy eye’s vision decreases. By this time, the patient has missed traditional amblyopia treatment.

Although amblyopia usually occurs in children, this does not mean that adults do not have lazy eyes.

Amblyopia in Adults


Functional dysplasia, such as excessive eye prescription or eye deviation.

Most of these patients are monocular amblyopes who do not have stereoscopic vision function and do not feel stereoscopic when watching 3D movies. This may prevent them from working in detailed operating professions, such as pilots and microsurgeons. Overall, life has little impact, except for problems in choosing jobs and processing visual details.


Organic, such as cataracts, eye tremors, and other developmental questions lead to amblyopia questions, and the degree of damage to vision is more severe.

The Hazards of Amblyopia

1. Easy to form strabismus

Many patients with amblyopia are prone to strabismus due to reduced sensitivity in both eyes, especially those with monocular amblyopia or those with a large difference in amblyopia in both eyes.

2. Permanent low vision

Amblyopia can cause and aggravate the regression of vision and affect the normal development of the eye, and the most direct result is a high probability of permanent low vision.

3. Affects the vision of the healthy eye

Studies have shown that if the amblyopic eye is not treated, the damage to the remaining healthy eye is very serious. If the amblyopic eye is not treated, it is similar to being blind. If you rely on your healthy eye to see for a long time, the vision of this eye will be easily reduced.

Amblyopia Treatment for Adults

Optical Correction

Since most amblyopic patients have a refractive error, treating amblyopia requires eyewear to correct refractive errors. After dilated eye examinations, lazy eye patients must wear glasses with the right prescription for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or corneal contact lenses so that clear images can be formed on the retina of both eyes, eliminating form deprivation. Amblyopia patients should have their visual acuity and fundus reviewed at least once every three months and have their glasses replaced with the right prescription on time.


Masking is currently the most effective method of treating amblyopia. It focuses on masking the better-seeing eye, the healthy eye, and forcing the amblyopic eye to gaze. This strengthens the transmission impulses from the amblyopic eye to the cortex, eliminates the inhibition of the amblyopic eye by the healthy eye in the competition between the two eyes, and improves the gaze and visual acuity of the amblyopic eye.

Personalized Treatment

The doctor will make a personalized treatment plan according to the refractive state, corrected visual acuity, eye position, nature of the gaze, age, degree of amblyopia, and type of amblyopia of the amblyopic patient, regularly review the treatment plan, adjust the treatment plaan accordinag to the examination results, add binocular visual function training at the appropriate stage, and improve the visual acuity to normal at the same time, to fully restore binocular visual function and achieve a true cure of amblyopia.

It is important to note that if you need to apply ointment to your eyes during treatment, you should always use sterile swabs to prevent bacterial contamination.


Although amblyopia in adults is difficult to treat, it is not completely incurable.

Clinical experience shows that the efficacy of amblyopia treatment is closely related to age, and the younger the age, the better the treatment effect. The younger the child, the better the treatment. Early detection, early treatment, and ongoing training are recoverable.

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