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How to Use Buccal Swab Collection Kit, DNA Testing to Prevent Genetic Diseases

The genetic history of disease families results from the inheritance of disease susceptibility genes so that DNA testing can detect these inherited susceptibility genotypes. Before performing a DNA test, you can use the buccal swab collection kit to collect a sample of your DNA.

DNA Testing

DNA testing refers to the deciphering of the genetic code carried by the human body through molecular biology and is mainly used to predict the probability of an individual suffering from a certain disease in the future, usually by taking a drop of blood, oral mucosa or other tissue cells from the person being tested.

In addition to regular medical checkups, cancer screening is also included in people’s daily medical checkup lists. If there is a tool or instrument that allows us to do the sampling at home, wouldn’t it be much more convenient? The buccal swab collection kit allows you to collect DNA at home.

Components of Buccal Swab Collection Kit

dna collection kit
  • Buccal swab (nylon flocked swab): 2pcs
  • Sample preservation solution: 2pcs
  • Barcode sticker: 4pcs
  • Return bag: 1pc

How to use Buccal Swab Collection Kit

1. Check that the package of the buccal swab is undamaged and remove the buccal swab, taking care not to let the DNA buccal swab come into contact with other items to avoid contamination.

buccal swab collection

2. Wipe the buccal area of the mouth with a cheek swab about 20 times to ensure that enough oral mucosa is collected.

buccal swab

3. Place the nylon flocked swab tip in the sample preservation solution and break the swab handle at the break point.

Sample preservation solution

4. Do it twice to get two tubes with DNA sample.

Return bag

5. Put a barcode on the return bag.

return bag

6. Fill in the information.

dna test

7. Put the tubes in return bag and seal it.

8. Send DNA samples to the laboratory.

9. Get a lab report.

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