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Marionette Lines: Causes, Prevention and Treatments

A sign that women are getting older is the appearance of various lines on the face, including marionette lines, lines of the wrinkles and crow’s feet. Many people do not know what marionette lines are, and here we will tell you the causes and prevention methods of marionette lines.

What are marionette lines?

marionette lines
marionette lines

Marionette lines are wrinkles that grow on both sides of the corners of the mouth, showing deep curved depressions on the outside or below the corners of the mouth. Girls with exaggerated expressions or who love to smile are more likely to have marionette lines, and as they get older, they look tired when they smile.

Like other wrinkles, marionette lines look like two lines around a puppet’s mouth and are caused by protein loss, soft tissue volume shrinkage, loss of support, and loss of dermal elasticity.

Why do marionette lines appear?

Rich facial expression

The tension formed by the muscles around the corners of the mouth and cheekbones will tighten the lines of marionette lines, so people who usually love to laugh, purse their lips, chew things on one side, and smoke will aggravate the lines of marionette lines on the face. The most important thing is to pay more attention to the expressions and relax the apple muscle to prevent the marionette lines.

After being storm thin

Being extremely thin is not a healthy thinness, it means losing a lot of weight in a short period of time. This not only causes the whole person to look unhealthy, but also makes the skin loose as well. Women lose collagen faster after the age of 20, and if they diet excessively to lose weight, their skin will gradually lose its elasticity without support.

Born with marionette lines

There are also some people who are born with a face that is prone to show marionette lines, such as people with high cheekbones, a sharp chin or people whose facial muscles are not full enough and so on. At this time, the only way to give the skin enough elasticity to restore the lines is to ensure that it has enough moisture and nutrients.

How to get rid of marionette lines?

The main reason for marionette lines is because of the atrophy of soft tissues and loss of support, resulting in a decrease in dermal elasticity, so once the lines are formed, it is difficult to improve them. You can get rid of marionette lines through medical beauty.

  • Marionette lines treatment. Static depressions produced by tissue sagging can be filled with hyaluronic acid and collagen, or autologous fat for filling. Also with some lifting programs to tighten the skin. You can consult your doctor about the best filler for marionette lines.
  • If the marionette lines are caused by aging and sagging skin, the filler is a big no-no, because filler will drag down the whole facial tissue. It would help if you first considered anti-aging lifting type programs, such as Thermage or facial wrinkle lifting.
  • Dynamic lines produced by expression tugging can be improved by using wrinkle removal injections. Wrinkle injections are used to inhibit the growth of aging skin around the marionette lines and improve the condition of the skin in the marionette lines. Chlorhexidine gluconate skin prep swabs should be used to cleanse the skin before injection to avoid bacterial infection.
  • If the appearance of marionette lines is caused by too much flesh on the cheeks, liposuction is also needed first. Some people have sagging and sagging skin with age or lifestyle habits and need to choose the appropriate method to improve it according to their individual situation.

How to prevent marionette lines?

  • It is best to sleep on your back and try to lie flat when applying the mask, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of sagging skin under the effect of gravity to prevent marionette lines.
  • Frequent use of cell phones will lead to subconscious hunching down, and the wide neck muscles associated with the relaxation of the skin around the lips will sag, which in turn will lead to the sagging of the corners of the mouth. So we must correct the hunchback posture and control the time we spend playing with the phone.
  • Unloading lip makeup to be gentle, many girls in the unloading lip makeup directly with a cotton pad vigorously wipe, which can easily lead to the generation of the corner of the mouth lines. Never use a haphazard wiping method to remove makeup, but use a compress to stay on the lips for a few moments before gently wiping.
  • Because when the lips are dry they will first absorb moisture from the skin around the lips, resulting in partial loss of moisture around the lips and making it easier for marionette lines to appear, it is also important to apply the cream around the lips during skincare.
  • Use a simple action to lighten the marionette lines: do a gargle-like puffing of the cheeks, move your tongue in your mouth and push against the cheeks. Inhale vigorously to fill your mouth with air, and purse your mouth tightly to move from side to side. Do each movement five times in a row, four times a day.

There is no way to stop aging, only to slow it down as much as possible. Facial rejuvenation should take into account individual differences, and it is best to choose the program that suits you according to your doctor’s recommendations, and that is safe and suitable.

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