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How to Prevent the Flu

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Daily Protective Measures

Maintain good hygiene habits, and cover your mouth and nose with tissues and towels when coughing or sneezing.
Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands as much as possible. eat a balanced diet, exercise in moderation, and get enough rest.

Avoid close contact with patients with influenza-like symptoms, and avoid visiting places where people gather during the influenza epidemic season. Wear a mask when you are in a closed environment, crowded places, poorly ventilated places, medical institutions, etc. and when you are in close contact with others.

Ventilation: Keep windows open every day at home, childcare institutions, school classes and other places as much as possible. When flu-like symptoms appear, avoid going to work or school with illness and wear a mask when in contact with family members to reduce the spread of the disease. Children, elderly people, people with underlying diseases, and pregnant women should be alert to symptoms and seek medical treatment as needed.

Influenza Vaccination

Vaccination against influenza is the most effective means of preventing influenza and can significantly reduce the risk of serious complications in vaccinated individuals.

Because influenza viruses are prone to mutation, the World Health Organization updates the vaccine composition annually based on global influenza surveillance and recommends annual vaccination, especially for the elderly, children, pregnant women, people with chronic disease sacs, people caring for infants and children, and medical personnel.

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