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Sampling Flocked Swab

Sampling Flocked Swab Flocked swabs mark the newest evolution of single-use specimen collection devices. Flocking refers to a process of applying (multi length fibers) — called flocking — to an adhes

As the epidemic has passed, the demand for flocked swabs has also reduced from large batches to daily routine inspections, testing, and sampling services, usually including influenza, seasonal sampling, blood sampling, DNA, RNA, forensics, public security criminal investigation, and trace DNA Collection, oral cavity, nasal cavity, throat, cervix, surface sampling.The production of flocked swabs is the advantageous product of our Huachenyang manufacturer, with 16 years of production experience. There are dozens of models of flocked swabs in our factory, which are used in different fields and supplied globally. New and old customers are welcome to consult us. Advantageous price and high quality production capacity.

sterile Flocked Swab

Sampling Flocked Swab
Flocked swabs mark the newest evolution of single-use specimen collection devices. Flocking refers to a process of applying (multi length fibers) — called flocking — to an adhesive-coated surface to provide for enhanced sample collection. All flocked swabs have definite advantages for many applications. Here are five reasons flocked swabs are a good choice for lab professionals conducting specimen collection.

  1. Flocked Swabs Provide Optimum Sampling
    Flocked swabs are an excellent choice for use collect samples because of their ability to better collect cells or organisms at the collection site
  2. Enhanced Diagnostic Sensitivity
    The flocked technology turns each strand of fiber into a velvet-like brush and hence creates hundreds of thousand contact points for superior collection and release of specimen samples.
  3. Rapid Elution
    Flocked swabs are fully integrated with the handle (meaning they contain no inner fabric or other inner core to absorb the specimen), a larger amount of specimen is collected and retained. Not only does this provide for better sample yield.
  4. Proprietary Multi-Length Flock Fibers
    We are not the only medical products supplier to offer flocked swabs. But we are the only company that makes swabs with proprietary multi-length flock fibers. Multi-length flock fibers create a web-like structure that collects and retains more specimen than traditional cotton, polyester or rayon swabs.
  5. Convenient Handling and Transport
    Our flocked swabs are available with pre-molded breakpoints, with printed indicators, so you can easily break the handle before attaching the cap to the vial. Sterile flocked swabs are available in dry transport tubes and medium filled transport tubes. After sampling, simply replace the top portion of the tube for trouble-free transport.
Flocked tip Handle dimension(mm) 
Items Cat.No. Diameter
Break point
Length from tip
Nasal flocked tip FS-12.52012.580150100PCS/BAG,
oral flocked tip FS-2622 2.530/80150100PCS/BAG,
Production factory:Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

Our sampling flocked swabs feature perpendicular nylon fibers that optimize specimen collection and elution into transport media

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