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Sterile flocked swabs

Sterile Flocked Swabs
What are flocked swabs used for?
Flocked swabs for sample collection have fine bristles uniformly arranged around the applicator handle, assuring ultra-clean tips and reliable performance. Unlike traditional wound fiber swabs, flocked swabs have no internal core to absorb and trap collected specimens. Flocked swabs have a velvet-like brush tip and provide superior collection and release characteristics. Choose from Huachenyang iClean Flocked Swabs (high iclean and cell release characteristics) or iClean Flocked Swabs (made explicitly for biological specimen collection).

The unique, bristled design of flocked swabs makes them ideal for various specimen collection applications, especially diagnostic testing, buccal cell collection, DNA testing, molecular assays, direct antigen testing, and forensic evidence collection. Each one features fine bristles, which are uniformly arranged around the applicator handle to help ensure that the tips are ultra-clean and always reliable. Compared with traditional fiber swabs, flocked swabs by Huachenyang Medical Products don’t have an internal core to trap and absorb collected specimens. Instead, they feature a velvet-like brush tip that ensures superior collection and release characteristics. Huachenyang Supplies offers two distinctive types of flocked specimen swabs: HCY Swabs and iClean Swabs.

HCY swabs are engineered specifically for collecting and releasing biological specimens and utilize a polyester tip designed to enhance samples’ rapid absorption and release. They offer a higher absorption capacity than flocked swabs and have split-end fibers, often preferred in specimen collection swabs. We offer HydraFlock ultrafine tip nasopharyngeal flocked swabs and mini and large tip options to meet your particular needs. Sterile-flocked swabs are also available.PurFlock Ultra Swabs are known for their high purity and cell release characteristics, which makes them an excellent choice for rapid diagnostic testing (ideal for PCR, molecular assays, DFA testing, forensic applications, and direct antigen testing). Like HydraFlock swabs, these have a high-tech polyester tip that makes working with specimens easier when high absorbency levels aren’t required.

Where can you buy flocked swabs?
At Huachenyang Supplies, you’ll find iClean swabs in various sizes, from ultrafine to large. They also come in either elongated or regular tip styles, which will help make your particular job simpler. Remember, if you are unsure which products are most appropriate for your specific needs, you can contact us via phone, email, or live chat for support.

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