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HCY Foam Swabs

Used for cleaning primary window.

Foam Swabs

What are foam swabs?

Foam swabs reduce contamination by eliminating the shedding of cotton threads commonly found in Q-tips. Open-cell polyurethane foam offers cleanliness and absorbency. Labs, manufacturers, and cleanrooms clean intricate components using foam swabs. Standard foam swabs are made of polyurethane foam in an open-cell structure containing a minimum of 100 pores per square inch.

What are foam swabs used for?

While cotton is commonly used, foam applicator swabs are also used by technicians to perform meticulous tasks like repair, precision cleaning, and assembly. The pore-and-open-cell structure makes the foam swab extremely effective in trapping particles. Additionally, they are thermally bonded, non-abrasive, and durable.

Foam-tipped swabs satisfy the requirements for precision detailing. The non-abrasive, residue-free foam withstands cleaning solvents while leaving behind zero-lint. Some swabs offer ESD-safe handles or other static control properties for additional functionality in electronic assembly.

Are foam swabs reusable?

Foam swabs used in industrial settings are unlikely to be re-used. Foam outlasts cotton when cleaning because it is more resistant to harsh solvents. Electricians, fire-arm enthusiasts, hobbyists, technicians, and more depend on these swabs to clean delicate instruments. Biological contaminants prevent swabs from re-use in medical, pharmaceutical, and cleanroom environments.

Where can you buy foam swabs?

Huachenyang Supplies offers the best foam swabs with fast fulfillment and reliable customer support. With over 16+ years of experience, please take advantage of our knowledgeable sales and support staff. Our foam applicators can be found in various tip shapes and diameters with different shaft materials and additional features.

manufacturer Huachenyang.

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