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Vaginal SwabVaginal Swab, Nylon Flocked Cervical Swab: 150mm with Breakpoint
Vaginal SwabVaginal Swab, Nylon Flocked Cervical Swab: 150mm with Breakpoint
endocervical swabVaginal Swab, Nylon Flocked Cervical Swab: 150mm with Breakpoint

Vaginal Swab, Nylon Flocked Cervical Swab: 150mm with Breakpoint

Item No.: CY-95000 (With Breakpoint)

Vaginal swabs are indicated for use by female patients during examinations in gynecological clinics, mainly for the collection of vaginal or cervical samples.

The nylon flocked swab can help you collect an adequate amount of samples more easily, and its great elution rate allows hospitals to obtain enough vaginal samples for disease detection.

Applications: Vaginal swab, cervical swab, endocervical swab

Tip Material: 100% Medical Grade Nylon

Certifications: CE/FDA/ISO/TGA


These two flocked vaginal swabs are available in different lengths and fracture points to meet different needs.

Item No.Tip materialHandle materialTotal lengthTip diameterTip lengthHandle diameterBreakpoint
CY-95000Medical Grade NylonABS150mm4.6mm20mm2.2-4.4mm90mm
vaginal swab
vaginal swab CY-95000

Features of Vaginal Swab, Cervical Swab

  • Flocked swabs efficiently complete sample collection and elution, and reduce fiber residue in the vagina.
  • The thin swab handle reduces patient discomfort when collecting vaginal samples.
  • A break point helps you to easily break the cervical swab and store the swab tip in the storage tube.

How To Use Vaginal Swabs?

  1. Wash your hands before tearing open the swab package and avoid letting the swab tip touch other objects.
  2. With your other hand, push the folds of skin at the vaginal opening out to the sides.
  3. Insert the swab about 5 cm (2 inches) into the vaginal opening and gently rotate the swab to rub the vaginal wall for about 30 seconds.
  4. Carefully remove the swab and do not allow it to touch anything until the swab is placed in the collection tube.
  5. Break the swab according to the breakpoint and screw on the cap of the collection tube.

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