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What is a flocked swab

A flocked swab is a type of medical swab designed for various applications, including sample collection for diagnostic purposes. The term “flocking” refers to the method of attaching material to the swab tip. Instead of traditional fiber or foam tips, flocking involves attaching short fibers to the swab in a perpendicular arrangement, creating a soft, three-dimensional structure.

In the context of medical use, flocking swabs are often used for collecting samples from areas like the nasopharynx or throat. The design allows for better sample absorption and release, making them efficient for diagnostic testing. These swabs are commonly used in procedures such as DNA testing, forensics, and various medical tests, including COVID-19 testing.

The advantages of flocking swabs include improved sample collection and release, increased patient comfort, and enhanced test accuracy. They have become particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic for collecting respiratory samples for testing due to their effectiveness and patient-friendly design.

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