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10 in 1 Viral Transport Medium (VTM) to Improve the Efficiency of Covid-19 Test

10 in 1 Viral Transport Medium in popular terms, it means that the virus sampling tube takes 10 in 1 mixed sampling. 10 in 1 mixed sampling means that after 10 people take samples respectively, the samples are put into the same virus sampling tube. This mixed sampling mode is suitable for large-scale testing projects and has the advantages of high screening efficiency and resource-saving.

10 in 1 virus sampling tube

Advantages of 10 in 1 Viral Transport Medium

Because a 1viral transport medium only puts one person’s sample, the cost will be very high, and the detection time is long, which is not suitable for large-scale nucleic acid detection. In principle, this sampling mode is only needed in high-risk areas and key populations.

When using the 10 in 1 mixed collection test, the result is negative, which means that all 10 people are negative. On the contrary, once positive or weak positive is found, it will be traced immediately, and the single tube swab will be collected again for the review, so as to determine which of the 10 people is positive.

Therefore, the cost of 10 in 1 mixed mining is relatively low. This also resulted in the 10 in 1 mixed sampling mode, which was 10 times faster than the previous mode of using a virus sampling tube for a human sample.

10 mixed 1 matching mode, 10 swab swabs or 10 swabs, equipped with a sampling tube, the sample tube solution can put 10 swabs, after sampling can be immersed in the solution, 10 people a bar code, 10 people in a group, so that we can quickly screen COVID-19, the speed can be increased 10 times. We also have 20 1 1 virus sampling tubes, 20 people a collection tube, speed increased by more than 20 times, welcome to consult the virus sampling tube information.

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