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10ml Transport Tube with white cap assembled, sterile, PP

10ml Transport Tube with white cap assembled, sterile, PP

Product Description
Freestanding polypropylene tubes for use in transport or storage of biological samples. Provided sterile with white cap attached. Supplied in 10 bags x100.

replaces HCY127-C160-93S

Cat. No.:127-C160-100S
Unit Qty:1000

Product Features List:

Made from shatter proof polypropylene
Conical bottom for maximum sample removal
Skirted bottom allows tube to stand up for easy sample manipulation
Moulded-in graduations
95kPa compliant
Due to Covid manufacturing delays cap colour may vary from white to Light Cream.


Applications:Sampling, storage & transportation
Cap Type:Polyethylene screw cap, white, assembled
Diameter (Outer):15.9mm upper, 15mm lower
DNase/RNase Free:YES
Height:96mm (with cap)
Label Details:Unlabelled
Packaging Details:Tube and cap assembled
Sterility:Gamma Sterile
Temperature Range:-40 to +120°C

WHO IS Huachenyang.?
Huachenyang, founded in 2008, is a nationwide Munufacturer of laboratory supplies and sampling containers. From serving the Environmental Lab sector, Huachenyang has grown to serve the following industries; Pharmaceutical, Food & Flavors, Personal Care, Nutraceuticals, Biological and Chemical. Huachenyang has advanced production equipment, scientific research and development personnel, production technology team, and sales service team. Its products are exported to European and American countries, mainly serving the world’s top 500 companies, in vitro diagnostics, laboratories, hospitals, centers for disease control, and inspection and quarantine bureaus.

WHY CHOOSE Huachenyang?
Experienced personnel and outstanding customer service
Locally stocked warehouses providing just in time delivery, often saving on freight and delivery charges
Customer specific stocking saving space, time and inventory expense
Our selection of products is bound only by the needs of our customers and the ability to provide the best possible price
Timely responses to customers urgent situations
Simple online Account Management and reordering

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